Welcome To Poetry Surf

Welcome to Poetry Surf.  This site is free.  We will never ask you for money.

Now with new hover surf technology for comfortable surfing.
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Poetry Surf member benefits

2) Add banners by clicking ADD/EDIT BANNERS from the member’s menu.
1) A website should be added before surfing.

Adding a site at Poetry Surf after logging in –
– Navigate to MEMBERS.
– Navigate to ADD/EDIT WEBSITES from the member’s menu.
– Click ADD A NEW WEBSITE from the add/edit websites menu.
– Type or paste in your website NAME and website ADDRESS including “http://” .  Example entry: http://loquaciouslair.com
– Click SAVE.
– Wait while the site is checked.  Your site should appear in the lower frame during the countdown.  Check your website address if nothing appears.  Please delete the site if it was incorrectly entered.

– Add any banner name for your reference then add the website the link should connect to in the FORWARDING URL field.
– Then, add the address of the actual graphic of the banner you wish to add in the Graphic Url field.  Keep in mind the width must be 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.
– Click SAVE. Type or paste in your website NAME.
– Your banner will appear if the info was entered correctly.  Admin staff will approve the banner within a few hours

3) Surfing Ads –

Old System:

It is clear that the first image is identical to the third image in the example above. The correct image to click in this case is the third one.

Now with new hover surf technology for comfortable surfing.
hover over image   alien surf image


– Click the SURF ADS button to start Surfing.
– Five security images appear at the top of the screen.  Click the image to the right of the arrow that is identical to the 1st image on the left after the timer has counted down to advance to the next page.
– Free members collect about 1 credit for each site viewed.  The actual amount increases dynamically in proportion to sites viewed.

4) Navigate to AFFILIATE SPLASH PAGES and also to AFFILIATE BANNERS from the members’ menu.  Select material that you would like to promote on other traffic exchanges to enhance your credit earnings.


Surfing LizardNew Policy

Lax rules and other mitigating factors have unfortunately transformed our traffic exchange into a much less busy establishment than it should be.

Members will now be removed from our database after 2 months of inactivity along with all accumulated credits and other data records.

Any member removed due to inactivity is welcome to return at any time.

Thanks for surfing,
XoirDrioX XarDraX

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