Poetry Surf Hover Surfing Technology

Poetry Surf Hover Surfing Technology

Now with new hover surf technology for comfortable surfing.

hover over image   alien surf image


Hover Surfing

We have recently replaced the old method of clicking security images to surf member pages with a new method of hover surfing.  Hover surf technology makes it much easier for members to surf the pages of other members.  Regular mouse clicking choosing a changing security image can be hard on the hand and eyes.  Hover surfing requires much less effort and greatly increases comfort.  I was initially content with the old method because my surfing was done using a MacBook Pro.  A MacBook has a convenient touchpad which allows for easy finger-tapping unlike the more difficult mouse clicking on most PCs.  I realized just how hard it was to do repetitive mouse clicking on my new gaming PC – ASUS ROG G11CD-NR104T.

Update:  The old system was also kept intact as a secondary option.



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