Poetry By Members

Poetry By Members

Poetry By Members is a page showcasing poems written by members at Poetry Surf.

This submission will be available via CreateSpace in a book entitled WINTER TREE

Better and Stronger

I should have loved you better and stronger.
I should have said, “I love you” every moment of the day.
I should have held you closer and longer.
I should have said one word, “Stay.”Damn these eyes that see you no more.
And these hands that do not linger on your breast.
Cursed be the distance of our separate shores.
As disparate as north and south and east to west

Today you have forgotten my face and you know me not.
But I recall your every pore and remember you so.
In those days I lived in your every thought
And you immersed my very soul.

I should have loved you less and could not have loved you more.
But I coveted your every heart beat and every quiet breath.
Poets write of loneliness with gentility of soft words.
But it is a raging storm and a pulsing anger at its best.

The best that I can hope is just to finish the race.
To be still and unsolaced in my void of space.

Jim Reyna


This poem was written when I was in my darkest place before getting help for depression! I hope you enjoy


I’m in a box for one
No windows, light, or sun
Standing here all alone
Wasting away muscle and bone
Someone to kiss, or touch
My I miss it so muchMy voice I hear off the wall
I jump but there’s no where to fall
In here there’s no connection
For I’ve no mirror for reflection

Life was such a lark
But now it’s so dark
No windows, light, or sun
Stuck in a box for one!

Gavin Fagan

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